In Packaging, Innovation is Everything

In the world of packaging, a lot has changed in a short time. Today’s packaging is not the packaging of a generation ago, and if you ask anyone in the industry why, the reason you’ll hear over and over again is the same: innovation.

In a recent Packaging World article, several industry pros discussed the role of innovation, with one stating, “Innovation is an imperative business choice to compete in the global economy.  If you are not competitive with new ideas, you are not going to win.”  Another stated the need to “challenge everything that was done in the past…so we together innovate and create packaging solutions that can preserve and contribute to…creating a sustainable future.” Challenging, indeed—but it seems the industry is up for the challenge.

At BDI, we are huge proponents of innovation and technology, in every industry, and we love taking a look at products and companies that represent this well.  Take, for example, the magnetic capping headsets that Warner Electric has created for bottle capping applications. Serving a repair and product development function, as well as helping to reduce the width of a bottle cap, they are great examples of the innovative capping technology this company is known for.  Benefits of this specific product include smooth torque technology that prevents over-tightening, reduced wear on bottling line equipment, maintenance savings, longer service life, and no damage to closures.  Many Warner Electric clients have benefitted from the technology and innovation of this product.

It’s just one example of a company taking the innovation bull by the horns, and marching to the future of the industry.

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