Food Contamination Prevention: The Number One Priority

In a previous blog, we talked about the importance of energy efficiency and greener practices in the food and beverage industry, while touching upon the priority of food safety. Anyone in the food production, processing, or packaging industry knows that clean, safe, contaminant-free conditions are of utmost importance, and that this is the most imperative issue, one that rules every single company’s objectives.

In January, the FDA proposed a new set of broad-sweeping rules that would change policies regarding the prevention of food contamination.  These would include requiring better record keeping, more contingency plans for outbreaks, and better prevention methods across the board.  While any changes to any rules governing an industry can be overwhelming, no one in the industry would disagree with wanting to keep consumers and customers safer.

Methods and prevention plans, in and of themselves, can be broad and sometimes confusing. Often times, it’s best to take it one step at a time, and start small. This might mean using products from the very beginning that have built-in safety features to protect equipment from contamination and prevent possible recalls.

LPS Detex, for instance, is a food-grade lubricant that reduces the risk of foreign object contamination during food and beverage processing, should any components fall into the food.  The aerosol caps, actuators, and grease caps are metal and x-ray detectable, and therefore easily identifiable as non-food objects. While meeting FDA requirements as acceptable products for food processing use, they prevent contamination risk in several innovative and unique ways.  Choosing a product such as this ensures compliance and reduces worry from the very beginning—which can make a world of difference in an industry where prevention is key.

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