The Top Three Questions for BDI, Answered

  • What is the first priority of MRO customers?

The Number One priority of most customers today is finding ways to lower their total cost of ownership. One way this can be done is through Partner Managed Inventory (PMI), which streamlines the supply chain while still allowing the customer to own and control their inventory data.

  • How does an industrial supplier integrate its own system with a customer’s data to streamline transactions?

This can be done in a number of simple, yet effective ways.  EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, allows for the automatic exchange of documents in a fast and accurate way. Customers have the freedom to pick and choose which documents they want to exchange. Another way is through a partner’s ecommerce website. Customers can search, price, compare and choose the items they need in real time on their own time. Punch Out is another great data integration tool that’s used to eliminate double order entry.

Please check out our Order Automation Brochure for additional information.

  • How are rising costs to do business affecting personnel, staffing and purchasing decisions in your industry?

Companies are charged with doing more with less today. One of the ways we address this is by providing our customers with practical and proven solutions that can positively impact their bottom line.  For example, if a product or an idea is applied successfully at one customer location, we have an internal program called Success Made Easier to ensure the solution is shared among our teams and throughout the industry.

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